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Meet The Masterminds

mila - Edited.png


I bring the excitement and spunk. I maintain the element of surprise. Me... "I am the It Girl"

oliver pic.jpeg


I am the brains. Everything you see here, it's because of me. I keep everyone in check and direct these fools. 

bruno pic - Edited.png


I am the style. The aesthetic. Everything I touch must be beautiful. I am inspired by nature and class. 


We thank you for your continued support of our best product, Rachel Deschaine, this company would be nothing without our fans. It goes without saying that we love our Rachel and believe she represents us well. It is important to the functionality of our business that Rachel thinks that she is the one in charge. We at Deschaine Inc. ask you, our fans to helps us keep her in the dark so we may continue bringing you content and entertainment. 

With Much Love and Kind Regards

  - Bruno, Oliver, and Mila Deschaine. 

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